NRL Survivor is designed to be fun and easy to use. It is aimed at a wide audience of rugby league and non-rugby league fans alike.

The concept of the game is to pick winners of NRL matches, and "out-survive" the other players in your group. It's winner-take-all, and the last person to survive by picking the correct games takes the pot.

The application focusses on playing games with a "group" of other players. This will generally be a group of friends, family and office colleagues.

The creator/admin of each group can specify an entry fee, for which each player needs to pay the admin in order to play. It is up to the admin to collect money from each player, and distribute money to the winner accordingly.

Browse through the sections below for more details about the game, and how to play.

The game involves picking winners of matches throughout the National Rugby League competition. Picking a correct team means you go through to the next round. Choosing a wrong team means you're knocked out. One wrong pick and you're out of the game altogether.

The games are broken down into "rounds". You can only pick one team to win for each round.

Sounds easy? Here's the catch: You can only pick a team once during the entirety of the game. That means, if you pick Brazil in round 1, you won't be able to pick them for the rest of the game. Choose wisely!

The matches are broken into rounds in chronological order. Each round has 4 games for which you must pick one team.

Your chosen teams are visible only to you, up until the kickoff of the 1st match for the round. Once the first game of the round reaches kickoff, all picks are locked and made visible for your entire group.

You can continue to make picks for the following rounds, up until the next kickoff.

One wrong pick and you're out! Outwit, outlast, out-survive.

  • The group admin is responsible for collecting money from players and distributing to the winner accordingly.
  • The group admin is able to remove any players from their group.
  • Failure to make a payment for the game may invalidate your entry. Discretion is up to the group admin of the group.
  • You may enter the same group multiple times and specify different player names. You will need to pay multiple entry fees for each entry. An admin may decide against allowing multiple entries.
  • You must make a team selection (pick) for the round prior to the kickoff of the first match of that round.
  • You may make selections for future rounds, and adjust picks accordingly.
  • Other player's picks are not visible until the first match kickoff of the associated round.
  • Picks are "locked" at the first match kickoff of the associated round. Locked means you are no longer able to edit your pick.
  • Once a team is picked for a round, you can no longer pick that team for any future rounds.
  • If your chosen team loses their match for which you selected, you are knocked out of the game.
  • If your chosen team wins their match for which you selected, you progress through to the next round.
  • If your chosen team draws their match for which you selected, the pick will count as an incorrect pick, and you will lose a life.
  • If you fail to make a selection for a round that is locked, you are knocked out of the game.
  • A winner isn't decided until the conclusion of all matches within a round.
  • If all remaining players are knocked out during the same round, the prize pool is split among them. That is, the players who lasted to the last round of the game and were knocked out together.
  • If multiple winners are left at the end of the game, the prize pool is split among remaining players.

From the home page you have the ability to create a new account or sign in if you already have one. If you have never created an account before, you will need to do so.

For Facebook users, you may login using your Facebook account as authorisation. This will bypass any need to enter your email address and password for future access to the website. NRL Survivor stores no account or Facebook information, and will post nothing to your timeline.

Once you have logged in with an account, you can use this same account to create and join mulitple groups and games.

From the groups page you can now join an existing group or create your own. Note: You will need to have an account before you can access the groups page.

Joining a Group

To join a group, you will need to know the group name and the group password. This should be given you to by the group admin.

You can also specify a player name. This will default to your first and last name entered when you created your account. If joining a group multiple times under the same account, you will need to specify different player names.

Creating a Group

You can create your own group and invite your friends and colleagues. Specify your group name and set a password.

You can set an entry fee as well, which denotes how much it costs each player to play in your group. The total prize pool is the sum of each player's entry fee.

Setting the number of lives dictates how many wrong picks a player makes before they are eliminated from your game.

By creating a group, you are by default the admin of that group. This means you are responsible for collecting money from each player.

By creating a group, you are by default the administrator for that group.

From the group detail page, an admin will have a "Group Admin" button available for them. Clicking this will take you to the group admin page.

The group admin page gives you the ability to:

  • Mark and unmark players who have paid.
  • Denote additional admins for your group.
  • Delete players from your group.

Making a pick is easy! From your group detail page, your name will appear at the top of the player table.

Within each round is the option to "Add Pick" (or "Edit Pick" if an existing selection exists). Clicking Add Pick will take you to the pick selection page.

The pick selection pages shows all the matches and details for that round. Simply click on a team logo or name to select that team. This should highlight your selection in green.

Click "Clear Pick" if you want to clear your pick and blank it out for that round.

Once you are happy with your selection (choose wisely), click Save, and you are taken back to the group detail page.

You should see your selected team in the cell relevant to that round. You may click Edit if you wish to change your pick.

Remember, you may change your pick as many times as you want, up until the kickoff of the first match for that round. The first match of the round is the first game showing on the pick selection page.